Our Lady of Solitude/St. Francis of Paola, 18th Century. 1-1/8″ Medal – SSME1575


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Exquisite Heirloom-Quality Medals and Medallions

Handcrafted in the USA to Last a Lifetime


Our medals and medallions are more than just jewelry; they are a link to your faith, a token of spiritual comfort, and a piece of art that you will cherish forever. Each piece is handmade in the USA and features heirloom quality that will stand the test of time.

Authentic Replicas

These are not just any medals; they are exact replicas of antique or vintage models, capturing the essence and details of authentic pieces. Cast using the lost wax method, every detail is intricately designed to showcase deep Catholic symbolism and the lives of the saints.

Unmatched Quality

The antiqued finish not only adds an old-world charm but also highlights all the intricate details in the piece. Made with sterling silver and bronze, these pieces are meant to last.

Versatility and Symbolism

Whether it’s a depiction of a saint or deep Catholic symbolism, these medals and medallions are versatile. They can be used as pendants with chain necklaces or incorporated into rosaries. If they measure less than one inch or 25 mm, they make exquisite charms.

Gift of Faith

These medallions make ideal gifts for various occasions and sacraments like baptism, christening, holy communion, and confirmation. They are often used for protection and make a meaningful gift for devotees, collectors, and even those new to the faith.

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Bronze, Sterling Silver


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