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List of Patron Saints

List of Patron Saints

Patron Saints


























A Patronage = Saints

Abandoned children = Ivo of Kermartin, Jerome Emiliani
Abbeville, France = Wulfram of Sens
Abdominal pains = Erasmus (Elmo)
Abingdon, England = Edmund Rich of Abingdon
Abortion, protection against = Catherine of Sweden
Abruzzi region of Italy = Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
abuse victims = Adelaide, Agostina Pietrantoni, Fabiola, Germaine Cousin, Godelieve, Jeanne de Lestonnac, Jeanne Marie de Maille, John Baptist de la Salle, Laura Vicuna, Margaret the Barefooted
Academies, Roman Catholic = Thomas Aquinas
Acadians, Cajuns = Our Lady of the Assumption
accomodations = Gertrude of Nivelles
Accountants = Matthew
Accused (falsely) = Raymond Nonnatus
Achaia = Andrew, Apostle
Actors = Genesius, Vitus
actresses = Pelagia
adopted children = Clotilde, Thomas More, William of Rochester
Advertisers, advertising = Bernardine of Siena
Advocates = Ivo of Kermartin
affianced couples, betrothed couples, engaged couples = Ambrose Sansedoni of Siena, Valentine
Africa, Central = The Most Pure Heart of Mary
Africa, North = Cyprian of Carthage
Africa, Southern = Mary, on feast of her Assumption
African Catholic Youth Action = Charles Lwanga
Against Mice, protection against = Gertrude, Servatus, Ulric
Agirone, Sicily = Philip of Agirone
agricultural workers; farm workers; farmers; field hands; field workers; husbandmen; ranchers = Benedict, Bernard of Vienne, Eligius (Eloi), Isidore the Farmer, Notburga, Phocas the Gardener, Walstan
AIDS care-givers = Aloysius Gonzaga
AIDS patients = Aloysius Gonzaga, Peregrine Laziosi, Therese of Lisieux
Air crew = Our Lady of Loreto
Air crew, Belgian = Our Lady of Loreto
Air crew, French = Mary, on feast of her Assumption
Air crew, Spanish = Our Lady of Loreto
Air force, Argentinian = Our Lady of Loreto
Air travelers = Joseph of Cupertino
Airborne (Paratroopers) = Michael the Archangel
Alabama USA = Our Lady of the Gulf
Alaska USA = Our Lady of the Kodiak and the Islands
Albania = Mary, Mother of Good Counsel
Albi, France = Cecilia
Alcala, Spain = Justus and Pastor
Alcira, Valencia, Spain = Bernard, Gracia, Mary
alcoholism = John of God, Martin of Tours, Monica, Urban of Langres
Alessandro, Italy = Trifone
Alexandria, Egypt = Cyril of Alexandria
Alexians = Alexius
Alezio, Italy = Our Lady of the Assumption
Algeria = Cyprian of Carthage
Alpine troops = Maurice
Alpinists = Bernard of Montjoux (or Menthon)
Altar servers = John Berchmans
Amalfi, Italy = Andrew, Apostle
Ambassadors, Argentinian = Gabriel the Archangel
ambulance drivers, emergency medical technicians, EMTs, paramedics = Michael the Archangel
American Indians, Native Americans = Anthony of Padua
Americas = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rose of Lima
Ammunition/Ordnance /explosive workers = Erasmus (Elmo)
amputees = Anthony of Padua, Antony the Abbot
Ancona, Italy = Judas Cyriacus
Andalusia = John of Avila
Anderlecht, Belgium = Guy of Anderlecht
Andorran security forces = Our Lady Help of Christians
Anesthetists = Rene Goupil
angina sufferers = Swithbert
Angola = The Most Pure Heart of Mary
animal welfare societies, humane societies = Francis of Assisi
Animals = Francis of Assisi, Nicholas of Tolentino
Animals, danger from = Vitus
Animals, domestic = Antony the Abbot
Antioch = Barnabas
Antwerp, Belgium = Walburga
Aosta, Italy = Gratus of Aosta
Apologists = Catherine of Alexandria, Justin Martyr, Thomas Aquinas
Apoplexy (Strokes) = Andrew Avellino
Apostleship of Prayer = Francis Xavier
Apothecaries = Cosmas and Damian
appendicitis = Erasmus (Elmo)
apple orchards = Charles Borromeo
Apprentices = John Bosco
Aquila, Italy = Maximus of Aquila
Arabia = Our Lady of Arabia
Aragon, Spain = Agathoclia, Braulio, George
Archaeologists = Damasus
archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary
archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts, USA = Patrick
archdiocese of Chicago, Illinois, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary
archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA = Albert the Great, Francis de Sales, Robert Bellarmine
archdiocese of Cracow Poland = Stanislaus of Cracow
archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary, Francis of Assisi
archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland = Kevin, Lawrence O’Toole
archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa, USA = John Vianney, Raymond Nonnatus
archdiocese of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA = Francis Xavier
archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky, USA = Joseph
archdiocese of Miami, Florida = Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
archdiocese of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA = Our Lady of Prompt Succor
archdiocese of New York, New York, USA = Patrick
archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska, USA = Cecilia
archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary, Paul, Apostle, Peter the Apostle
archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA = Louis IX
Archdiocese of San Francisco, California, USA = Francis of Assisi
archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA = Francis of Assisi, Immaculate Heart of Mary
archdiocese of Seattle, Washington, USA = Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, Holy Angels
Archdiocese of Tuam, Ireland = Jarlath
Archers = Sebastian
Architects = Barbara, Thomas, Apostle
Architects, Italian = Benedict, Abbot
Architects, Spanish = Our Lady of Bethlehem
archives = Laurent (Lawrence)
archivists, librarians, libraries = Catherine of Alexandria, Jerome, Laurent (Lawrence)
Argentina = Our Lady of Lujan
Argentinian military chaplains = Our Lady of Lujan
Arizona = Our Lady of the Highways
Arkansas = Our Lady of the Holy Souls
arm pain; pain in the arms = Amalburga
Armenia = Bartholomew, Gregory the Illuminator
Armies = Maurice
armies of Jalisco, Mexico = Our Lady of Zapopan
armories = Laurent (Lawrence)
armourers = Barbara, Dunstan, George, Laurent (Lawrence), Sebastian
Arms dealers = Adrian of Nicomedia
Army of the Andes = Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Army, Argentinian = Our Lady of Mercy
Army, Ecuadorian = Our Lady of Mercy
arrowsmiths; fletchers = Sebastian
Art = Catherine of Bologna
art dealers = John the Apostle
Artillery = Barbara
Artists = Luke, Catherine of Bologna, Bl (Fra) Angelico
Artois region = Isberga
Ascoli Piceno, Italy = Emidius
Asia Minor = John the Apostle
asses = Anthony of Padua
Assisi, Italy = Francis of Assisi
Astronauts = Joseph of Cupertino
Astronomers = Dominic
Asylums (for the mentally ill) = Dymphna
Athletes = Sebastian
attorneys, lawyers, barristers = Catherine of Alexandria, Genesius, Ivo of Kermartin, Mark the Evangelist, Raymond of Pennafort, Thomas More
Augsburg = Afra, Ulric
Australia = Our Lady Help of Christians
Australian military chaplains = Our Lady Help of Christians
Austria = Joseph, Maurice, Coloman, Leopold, Florian
Authority, persons in = Ferdinand III of Castile
Authors = Francis de Sales
automobile drivers, automobilists, motorists = Christopher, Elijah the Prophet, Frances of Rome, Sebastian of Aparicio
Avenay, Champagne, France = Tressan of Mareuil
Aviators, aviation = Our Lady of Loreto, Therese of Lisieux, Joseph of Cupertino
Avignon = Agricola of Avignon, Benezet
Aynac, France = Genistus

B Patronage = Saints

Babies = The Holy Innocents, Maximus, Nicholas of Tolentino, Philip of Zell
bachelors = Benedict, Benezet, Boniface of Tarsus, Caesarius of Nanzianzen, Casimir of Poland, Christopher, Cuthman, Epipodius, Gerald of Aurillac, Guy of Anderlecht
backward children = Hilary of Poitiers
bacterial disease and infection = Agrippina
Bad Weather, protection against = Eurosia, Medard
bailiffs = Ivo of Kermartin
Bakers = Elizabeth of Hungary, Nicholas of Myra, Honoratus
bakers of holy wafers = Honorius of Amiens
Bankers = Matthew, Bernardino of Feltre
Banking = Michael the Archangel
baptism = John the Baptist
Barbers = Cosmas and Damian, Louis, Martin de Porres
Barcelona, Spain = Our Lady of Mercy
Bari, Italy = Nicholas, Sabinus
Barra, Scotland = Finbar
Barrel makers = Abdon and Sennen
Barren women = Anthony of Padua, Felicity
bartenders, bar keepers, bar staff = Amand
Basket makers = Antony the Abbot
Battle = Michael the Archangel
Battle, protection against = Florian
Baume-les-Messieurs = Drogo
Bavaria = Hedwig, Killian
Bee Keepers = Ambrose
bees = Ambrose of Milan, Bernard of Clairvaux, Modomnoc
Begerin, Ireland = Ibar
Beggars = Alexius, Martin of Tours, Giles
Belgium = Joseph
bell-founders = Agatha, Fortchern of Trim
Bellmakers = Agatha
belt makers = Alexius
Benedictine oblates = Henry the Emperor
Benevento, Italy = Arthelais, Barbatus of Benevento
Bergamo, Italy = Alexander of Bergamo
Bergen, Norway = Sunniva
betrayal victims = Epipodius, Flora of Cordoba, Oswin, Philip Howard, Pulcheria
Bible scholars = Jerome
bicyclists, cyclists, bicycle riders = La Madonna di Ghisalo
bird dealers = John the Baptist
Birds = Gall
Birth Complications, protection against = Ulric
birth pains = Erasmus (Elmo)
bishops = Charles Borromeo
Bishops of Latin America = Turibius
black missions, African missions = Benedict the Black, Francis Xavier, Peter Claver, Therese of Lisieux
black people, Negroes, African-Americans = Benedict the Black, Martin de Porres, Peter Claver
blackbirds = Kevin
blacksmiths = Bridgid of Ireland, Dunstan, Eligius (Eloi), Giles, James the Greater, Leonard of Noblac
Blight, protection against = Urban of Langres
Blind people = Raphael the Archangel, Thomas, Apostle, Cosmas and Damian, Lucy
Blood banks = Januarius
Blood donors = Our Lady of the Thorns
Bodily ills = Our Lady of Lourdes
bodily purity = Agnes of Rome
Bohemia = Joseph, Adalbert, John Nepomucene, Cyril and Methodius, Wenceslaus
boilermakers = Eligius (Eloi)
Bolivia = Francis Solano, Our Lady of Capucdana (Virgin de la Candelaria), Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Virgin de la Candelaria, Virgin of Copacabana, La Virgen de Copacabana (Virgin of Copacabana)
Bolivian navy = Our Lady of Charity
Bologna, Italy = Petronius
bomb technicians = Barbara
Bombay, India = Gundisalvus Garcia
Book trade = John of God
Bookbinders = Celestine V (pope), John of God
Bookkeepers = Matthew
Booksellers = John of God, Thomas Aquinas
boot blacks, shoe shiners = Nicholas of Myra
Bordeaux, France = Simon Stock
Borneo = Francis Xavier
Boston, Massachusetts, USA = Botulph
bowel disorders = Bonaventure
box makers = Fiacre
Boy Scouts = George
Boys, young = Dominic Savio
brass workers = Barbara
Brazil = Nossa senhora de Aparecida, Peter of Alcantara
breast cancer = Agatha, Aldegundis, Giles, Peregrine Laziosi
breast disease, invoked against = Agatha
Breast-feeding = Basilissa, Giles
Brescia, Italy = Faustinus
Brewers = Augustine of Hippo, Luke, Nicholas of Myra, Amand, Wenceslaus
brick makers = Vincent Ferrer
Bricklayers = Stephen
Brides = Nicholas of Myra
bridge builders = John Nepomucene, Peter the Apostle
Bridges = John Nepomucene
Brigands (danger from) = Leonard of Noblac
Brittany = Ivo of Kermartin
Broadcasters = Gabriel the Archangel
broken bones = Drogo, Stanislaus Kostka
broommakers = Anne
Bruises and Bruising, protection against = Amalburga
brushmakers = Antony the Abbot
Brussels = Michael the Archangel
Builders = Vincent Ferrer, Barbara, Thomas, Apostle
Building trade = Stephen
Bulgaria = Cyril and Methodius
Burgos, Spain = Adelelmus
burns = John the Apostle
Bursars = Joseph
bus drivers = Christopher
Business people = Homobonus
Businesswomen = Margaret of Clitherow
butchers = Adrian of Nicomedia, Antony the Abbot, Bartholomew the Apostle, George, Lawrence, Luke the Apostle, Peter the Apostle, Thomas Bellacci, Antony the Abbot, Luke
Button makers = Louis
Byzantine Eparchy of Van Nuys, Arizona, USA = Holy Protection of the Mother of God

C Patronage = Saints

Cab drivers = Joseph, Fiacre
cabinetmakers = Anne, Joseph, Vincent de Paul
Cagliari, Italy = Saturninus of Cagliari
Cake makers = Honoratus
California = Our Lady of the Wayside
Caltanissett, Sicily = Michael the Archangel
Cambridge University = Etheldreda
Canada = Anne (Mother of Mary), Joseph, The martyrs of North America
Cancer Patients = Michael Argemir
Cancer victims = Peregrine Laziosi
Candelada = Bernard of Valdeiglesias
Candle-makers = Ambrose
Canonists, canon lawyers = Raymond of Pennafort, Robert Bellarmine, Ivo of Kermartin
Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross; Crosier Fathers; Crosier Order = Odilia
Capuchin-Franciscan Province of Mid-America = Conrad of Parzham
Carmelite schools = Albert of Sicily
carnival workers, carnies = Julian the Hospitaller
Carpenters = Joseph, Thomas, Apostle
carriage makers = Eligius (Eloi)
Cartagena, Spain = Modestus
cartwrights; cart makers = Elijah
carvers = Blaise, Olaf II
Cashel, Ireland = Albert of Cashel
Castelabbate Italy = Constabilis of Cava
Catalonia = George
Catania = Agatha
Catechists = Viator, Charles Borromeo, Robert Bellarmine
Catechumens = Charles Borromeo, Robert Bellarmine
Caterpillars, protection against = Magnus of Fussen
cathedral-chapter of Langres = Gebuinus
Catholic Action = Francis of Assisi, Paul, Apostle
Catholic Action (in Italy) = Paul, Apostle, Gabriel Possenti
Catholic Charities = Vincent de Paul, Elizabeth of Hungary
Catholic press = Anthony Mary Claret, Francis de Sales
Catholic schools, Catholic academies = Thomas Aquinas, Ursula
Catholic Writers = Francis de Sales
Catholic Youth = Aloysius Gonzaga
cats = Gertrude of Nivelles
Cattaro, Dalmatia = Trifone
cattle = Bridgid of Ireland, Colman of Stockerau, Drogo, Perpetua, Roch
Cattle breeders = Mark
Cavalry = Martin of Tours
Cavalry, Italian = George
Cebu, Philippines = El Nińo
Cemetery keepers, or caretakers = Joseph of Arimathea
cemetery workers = Antony the Abbot, Callistus I
Central Africa = Therese of Lisieux
Central America = Our Lady of Loreto, Rose of Lima
Central and South America = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rose of Lima
champions; invincible people; to be invincible = Drausinus
Chaplains, military = John of Capistrano
Chaplains, military, Argentinian = Our Lady of Lujan
Chaplains, military, Australian = Our Lady Help of Christians
Chaplains, military, Belgian = Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces
Chaplains, military, Philippine = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Chaplains, military, Spanish = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Charcoal-burners = Alexander the charcoal-burner
Charitable societies = Vincent de Paul
chastity, invoked for = Agnes of Rome, Thomas Aquinas
chemical industry, chemical manufacturers = Cosmas and Damian
Chemists (pharmacists) = Cosmas and Damian
Chilblain = Basilissa
Chilblains, protection against = Basilissa, Genesius of Arles
child abuse victims = Alodia, Germaine Cousin, Lufthild, Nunilo
Childbirth = Gerard Majella, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Raymond Nonnatus, Leonard of Noblac, Erasmus (Elmo)
childhood diseases = Aldegundis, Pharaildis
childhood intestinal diseases = Erasmus (Elmo)
childless people = Anne Line, Catherine of Genoa, Gummarus, Henry II, Julian the Hospitaller
Childless women = Anne (Mother of Mary)
Children = Nicholas of Myra, Raymond Nonnatus, Nicholas of Tolentino
children learning to speak or talk = Zeno of Verona
children learning to walk = Zeno of Verona
Children of Mary = Agnes, Maria Goretti
children who are late in learning to walk = Vaast
children’s choir = Dominic Savio, Holy Innocents
children’s nurses = Foillan
Children, desire for = Rita of Cascia
Children, illegitimate = John Francis Regis
children, sick = Beuno, Clement I, Hugh of Lincoln, Ubald Baldassini
Chile = Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, James the Greater
Chilean army = Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Chilean navy = Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
chimney sweeps = Florian
China = Mary, Queen of China
chivalry = George
choir boys = Dominic Savio, Gregory the Great, Holy Innocents
Choirboys, choirs = Dominic Savio
Cholera = Roch
Christian Mothers = Anne (Mother of Mary)
Church = Joseph
church cleaners = Theobald Roggeri
Church in North Africa = Ignatius of Antioch
Church in the eastern Mediterranean = Ignatius of Antioch
Cingoli, Italy = Sperandea
circus workers = Julian the Hospitaller
Cistercian Order = Our Lady of the Assumption
city of Barbastro, Huesca. Aragón. Espańa = Raymond of Barbastro
city of Chieti, Italy = Justin of Chieti
city of Cuenca, Spain = Julian of Cuenca
city of Saint-Oyen, Tarentaise, France = Eugendus
city of Saint-Oyen, Valley of Aoste, Italy = Eugendus
city of Saint-Oyens, Vaud, Switzerland = Eugendus
city of Salzburg, Austria = Rupert, Virgilius
city of Sutri, Italy = Dulcissima
civil disorder, riot (against) = Andrew Corsini
Civil Servants = Thomas More
Clergy = Gabriel Possenti
Clergy, Diocesan = John of Avila
Clergy, Parochial = John Vianney
Clerics = Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Clermont (formerly Averna), France = Illidius
clock makers; watch makers = Eligius (Eloi), Peter the Apostle
clothing industry = Paul the Hermit
Clothworkers = Homobonus
clowns = Genesius, Justin Martyr
Cloyne, Ireland = Colman of Cloyne
coachmen = Richard of Chichester
coal miners = Leonard of Noblac
Cobblers = Crispin and Crispinian
coffee house owners or keepers = Drogo, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
coffin makers; casket makers = Stephen the Martyr
Coffin-bearers = Joseph of Arimathea
Coin collectors = Eligius (Eloi)
Cold or Cold Weather, protection against = Maurus, Sebaldus
Colegio Capranica Seminary of Rome = Agnes of Rome
Colic = Erasmus (Elmo)
Colleges = Thomas Aquinas
Colombia = Peter Claver, Louis Betrand, Our Lady of Chiquinquira
Colorado = Immaculate Mary, Francis of Assisi
Comedians = Vitus
Commissariat, French Army = Ambrose
Commissariat, Spanish military = Teresa of Avila
Communication Workers = Gabriel the Archangel
Communism, opposition to = Joseph
composers = Cecilia
compositors; typesetters = John the Apostle
computers, computer users, computer technicians, pc technicians = Isidore of Seville
Condemned criminals = Dismas
confectioners = Honorius of Amiens, Joseph, Lawrence, Macarius the Younger
confessions, to make a good one = Gerard Majella, John Nepomucene
Confessors = Alphonsus de Liguori, John Nepomucene
Congo; Zaire; Belgian Congo = Immaculate Conception of Mary, Our Lady, Queen of Nations
Connecticut = Notre Dame of Easton
conscientious objectors = Marcellus
Construction workers = Thomas, Apostle
Contagious diseases = Robert Bellarmine, Sebastian
contemplatives, contemplative life = John of the Cross, Mary Magdalene
converts = Afra, Alban, Anne Line, Boniface of Tarsus, Caedwalla, Charles Lwanga, Edwin, Flora of Cordoba, Genesius, Helena
convulsions = John the Baptist, Willibrord
convulsive children = Guy of Anderlecht, John the Baptist, Scholastica
Conze (Conza), Italy = Herbert Hoscam
Cooks = Martha
cooks, chefs = Lawrence, Macarius the Younger, Martha, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Paschal Baylon
Coopers = Abdon and Sennen
coppersmiths = Benedict, Eulogius of Cordoba, Leonard of Noblac, Maurus
Cordoba, Spain = Acisclus, Victoria
Corfu (Kerkira) Island, Greece = Arsenius of Corfu, Spyridon
Cork, Ireland = Finbar
Corleone, Sicily = Leolucas
corn chandlers = Honorius of Amiens
Cornwall, England = Michael the Archangel, Petroc, Piran
Corsica = Alexander Sauli, Devota, Julia of Corsica, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Costa Rica = Our Lady of the Angels, Our Lady of the Assumption
coughs; against = Blaise, Quentin, Walburga
council = Holy Spirit
Council of Vatican II = Joseph
councilmen = Nicholas von Flue
countesses = Elizabeth of Hungary
counts = Charles the Good, Gerald of Aurillac
Court Clerks = Thomas More
courtiers = Gummarus
cowherds = Gummarus
Craftsmen and women = Dymphna
craftsmen who work with a wheel (potters, spinners, etc.) = Catherine of Alexandria
Craftworkers = Luke
Cramps, protection against = Cadoc of Llancarvan, Maurice, Pancras
Cremona, Italy = Himerius
Crete = Titus
criminals = Dominic
Croatia = Joseph
Crops, protection of = Magnus of Fussen
Crusaders = Charles the Good, Louis IX
Cuba = La Virgen de la Caridad (Our Lady of Charity), Virgin de Regla
Cuby, Cornwall = Cybi
curriers = Simon the Apostle
Cursillo movement = Paul, Apostle
Customs officers = Matthew
Cutlers = Lucy
cutters = John the Baptist
Cyprus = Barnabas, Apostle
Czechoslovakia = Wenceslaus, Adalbert, John Nepomucene, Ludmila, Cyril and Methodius

D Patronage = Saints

Dairy workers = Bridgid of Ireland
Dalmatia = Blaise
Dancers = Vitus
danger at sea = Erasmus (Elmo), Michael
Deacons = Stephen
Deaf = Francis de Sales
Death = Michael the Archangel, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Death by Artillery, protection against = Barbara
death of children = Angela of Foligno, Clotilde, Elizabeth of Hungary, Felicity, Frances of Rome, Hedwig, Isidore the Farmer, Joaquina Vedruna de Mas, Louis IX, Perpetua
Death, happy = Joseph of Cupertino
Death, sudden = Andrew Avellino
Degree candidates = Joseph of Cupertino
Delaware, USA = Our Lady of Mercy
Denmark = Anskar
Dentists = Apollonia
Desperate situations = Jude, Gregory the Wonderworker, Rita of Cascia, Eustace
desperate, forgotten, impossible or lost causes or situations = Jude Thaddeus, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Philomena, Rita of Cascia
Detraction = John Nepomucene
Devil, protection against = Dionysius the Aeropagite
devotees of the Sacred Heart = Margaret Mary Alacoque
Diabolical possession = Cyriacus, Dymphna
dieticians = Martha
difficult marriages = Catherine of Genoa, Elizabeth of Portugal, Fabiola, Godelieve, Gummarus, Hedwig, Helena, Louis IX, Margaret the Barefooted, Monica
Difficult situations = Eustace
Digne, France = Vincent of Digne
Dijon = Benignus of Dijon, Urban of Langres
Diocesan priests = John of Avila
diocese of Achonry, Ireland = Attracta, Nathy, Attracta
diocese of Albany, New York, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary
diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana, USA = Francis Xavier
diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada = Ninian
diocese of Arlington, Virginia, USA = Thomas More
diocese of Austin, Texas, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Barbastro, Espańa = Raymond of Barbastro
diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA = Joseph
diocese of Birmingham, Alabama = Paul, Apostle
diocese of Bismarck, North Dakota, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA = Augustine of Hippo
diocese of Burlington, Vermont, USA = Immaculate Conception, Patrick
diocese of Camden, New Jersey, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Charleston, South Carolina, USA = John the Baptist
diocese of Cleveland, Ohio, USA = John the Evangelist
diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe
diocese of Columbus, Ohio, USA = Francis de Sales
diocese of Constantinople = Andrew, Apostle
diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patrick
diocese of Covington, Kentucky, USA = Paul, Apostle
diocese of Crookston, Minnesota, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Cuenca, Spain = Julian of Cuenca
diocese of Des Moines, Iowa, USA = Mary, Queen of Heaven, Pius X
diocese of Dodge City, Kansas, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe, John the Baptist
diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, USA = Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
diocese of Elphia = Asicus
diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA = Therese of Lisieux
diocese of Fargo, North Dakota, USA = Assumption of the Virgin Mary
diocese of Ferns, Ireland = Aeden of Ferns
diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, USA = Patrick
diocese of Fresno, California, USA = Therese of Lisieux
diocese of Gallup, New Mexico, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe
diocese of Gaylord, Michigan, USA = Our Lady of Mount Carmel
diocese of Grand Island, Nebraska, USA = Blessed Virgin Mary
diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Montana, USA = Matthias the Apostle, Pius X
diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA = Francis Xavier
diocese of Guadalajara, Mexico = Our Lady of Zapopan
diocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada = Mary, Mother of God
diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA = Patrick
diocese of Helena, Montana, USA = Helena
diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, England = Cuthbert
diocese of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA = Our Lady fo Peace
diocese of Jaca = Eurosius
diocese of Jackson, Mississippi, USA = Peter the Apostle
diocese of Jerez de la Frontera = John Grande
diocese of Joliet, Illinois, USA = Francis Xavier
diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA = Augustine of Hippo
diocese of Killaloe = Flannan of Killaloe
diocese of Lafayette, Indiana, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA = Mary Immaculate, Mother of Jesus, Peter Claver
diocese of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA = Peter the Apostle, Paul, Apostle
diocese of Limerick, Ireland = Munchin
diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA = Blessed Virgin Mary
diocese of Los Angeles, California, USA = Bibiana
diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA = Joseph
diocese of Marquette, Michigan, USA = Peter the Apostle
diocese of Monterey, California, USA = Our Lady of Bethlehem, Charles Borromeo
diocese of Nashville, Tennessee, USA = Joseph, Our Lady of Guadalupe
diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, USA = Mary, Mother of God
diocese of Norwich, Connecticut, USA = Anne, Patrick
diocese of Oakland, California, USA = Our Lady, Queen of the World
diocese of Ogdensburg, New York, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky, USA = Stephen the Martyr
diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, USA = John the Baptist
diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Florida, USA = Michael the Archangel, Thomas More
diocese of Peoria, Illinois, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe
diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Portland, Maine, USA = Immaculate Conception, John the Baptist, Patrick
diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, USA = Our Lady of Providence, Paul, Apostle, Peter the Apostle
diocese of Pueblo, Colorado, USA = Immaculate Conception of Mary, Therese of Lisieux
diocese of Regensburg, Germany = Erhard of Regensburg
diocese of Reno, Nevada, USA = Our Lady of the Snows
diocese of Reno, Nevada, USA = Vincent de Paul
diocese of Rockford, Illinois, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, USA = Agnes of Rome
diocese of Ross, Ireland = Fachanan
diocese of Sacramento, California, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patrick
diocese of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA = Cloud
diocese of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA = Jude Thaddeus
diocese of Salina, Kansas, USA = Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Francis of Assisi
diocese of San Bernardino, California, USA = Bernardine of Siena
diocese of San Diego, California, USA = Diego
diocese of San Jose, California, USA = Joseph
diocese of Santa Rosa, California, USA = Rose of Lima
diocese of Savannah, Georgia, USA = John the Baptist, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA = Peter the Apostle
diocese of Sens, France = Potentian, Sabinus
diocese of Shreveport, Louisiana, USA = Immaculate Conception, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Peter Claver
diocese of Sioux City, Iowa, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe
diocese of Spokane, Washington, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts, USA = Michael the Archangel
diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA = Philippine Duchesne, Pius X
diocese of Steubenville, Ohio, USA = Immaculate Heart of Mary
diocese of Superior, Wisconsin, USA = Augustine of Hippo
diocese of Sutri, Italy = Dulcissima
diocese of Syracuse, New York, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Tucson, Arizona, USA = Augustine of Hippo
diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA = Holy Family
diocese of Tyler, Texas, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Venice, Florida, USA = Our Lady of Mercy, Mark the Evangelist
diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia, USA = Joseph
diocese of Wichita, Kansas, USA = Immaculate Conception
diocese of Wilmington, Delaware = Francis de Sales
diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA = Paul, Apostle
diocese of Wurzburg = Killian
Diplomatic services = Gabriel the Archangel
diplomats = Gabriel the Archangel
Disabled = Giles
disappointing children = Clotilde, Louise de Marillac, Matilda, Monica
Disasters = Genevieve (Genofeva)
discretion = John Nepomucene
Diseased Cattle, protection against = Beuno, Erhard of Regensburg, Roch, Sebastian
Diseases of the eye = Raphael the Archangel, Lucy
Diseases, contagious = Roch, Sebastian
Diseases, nervous = Dymphna
distillers = Louis IX, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
divorced people = Fabiola, Gummarus, Helena
Dizziness or Vertigo, protection against = Ulric
dock workers, longshoremen = Nicholas of Myra
Doctors = Luke, Cosmas and Damian, Pantaleon
doctors, physicians = Cosmas and Damian, Luke the Apostle, Pantaleon, Raphael the Archangel
dog bites = Hubert of Liege, Vitus, Walburga, Ubald
dogs; dog lovers; dog fanciers = Hubert of Liege, Roch, Vitus
Domestic animals = Antony the Abbot, Gerlac of Valkenburg
Domestic workers = Zita
domestic workers, maids, butlers, manservants, servants = Adelelmus, Martha, Zita
Dominican Republic = Our Lady of Mercy
Doubters = Joseph
doves = Denis
Draguignan, France = Rosalina of Villeneuve
drapers = Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
Drought = Genevieve (Genofeva)
Drought relief = Herbert, Godeberta, Solange
Drowning, death or danger from = Adjutor
drug addiction = Maximillian Kolbe
Druggists (pharmacists) = Cosmas and Damian
Dubrovnik = Blaise
duchesses = Hedwig, Ludmila
dukes = Henry II
Durham, England = Cuthbert
Dyers = Maurice
dyers, cloth dyers, purplers = Lydia Purpuraria, Maurice
Dying = Joseph, Benedict, Abbot, James the Lesser, Apostle, Lebuin (Liafwine), Maximus, Nicholas of Tolentino
dying people, invoked by = Abel, Barbara, Benedict, Catherine of Alexandria, James the Lesser, Apostle, John of God, Joseph, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Michael the Archangel, Nicholas of Tolentino
dysentery = Lucy of Syracuse, Polycarp
dysfunctional families = Eugene de Mazenod

E Patronage = Saints

E of Evansville, Indiana, USA = Mary, Mother of God
Earaches, protection against = Cornelius, Polycarp of Smyrna
Earthquakes = Emygdius, Francis Borgia, Gregory the Wonderworker
East Indies = Francis Xavier, Thomas, Apostle
East Renfrewshire, Scotland = Conval
Ecologists, ecology = Francis of Assisi
Ecuador = Sacred Heart, Mary, The Most Pure Heart of Mary
Ecuadorian army = Our Lady of Mercy
ecumenists, unity of the Eastern and Western Churches = Cyril and Methodius
Eczema = Antony the Abbot
Edinburgh, Scotland = Giles
Editors = John Bosco, Francis de Sales
Education, public = Martin de Porres
Egypt = Mark
Einsiedeln, Switzerland = Meinrad
El Salvador = Our Lady of Peace
elderly people = Anthony of Padua
Eloquence, sacred = John Chrysostom
Embroiderers = Clare, Parasceva
Emigrants = Frances Xavier Cabrini
empresses = Adelaide, Helena, Pulcheria
enemies of religion = Sebastian
Enemy Plots, protection against = Drausinus
engineers = Ferdinand III of Castile, Joseph, Patrick, Patrick, Ferdinand III
Engineers, Italian = Benedict, Abbot
Engineers, military, Italian = Barbara
Engineers, Spanish army = Ferdinand III of Castile
England = George, Michael the Archangel
English Benedictines = Benedict Biscop
engravers = John the Apostle, Thiemo
enlightenment = Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Good Counsel
eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles for Maronites = Our Lady of Lebanon
eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn for the Maronites = Maron
Epidemics = Godeberta
Epilepsy = Dymphna, Vitus, Willibrord
Equatorial Guinea = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Ergotism, aka Saint Antony’s fire, protection against = Antony the Abbot
Eruptions of Mount Etna, protection against = Agatha
erysipelas = Anthony the Abbott, Benedict, Ida of Nivelles
escape from devils = Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Estremadura, Spain = Peter of Alcantara, Virgin of Guadalupe
Ethiopia = Frumentius
Eucharist, The = Paschal Baylon
Eucharistic congresses and organizations = Paschal Baylon
Eucharistic Guilds = Paschal Baylon
Europe = Benedict, Abbot, Cyril and Methodius
evangelists = Paul, Apostle
Evil Spirits, protection against = Agrippina, Quirinus
Examination candidates = Joseph of Cupertino
excluded people = Patrick
Exegetes, scriptural = Jerome
Exeter College, Oxford = Blessed Virgin Mary, Peter the Apostle, Thomas of Canterbury
exiles, people in exile = Adelaide, Angela Truszkowska, Arthelais, Clotilde, Epipodius, Jeanne Marie de Maille, Joaquina Vedruna de Mas, Kateri Tekakwitha, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Rose of Viterbo
Expectant Mothers = Gerard Majella, Raymond Nonnatus
expeditious or prompt solutions; against procrastination = Expeditus
Eye disorders = Herve, Clare, Lucy, Raphael the Archangel

F Patronage = Saints

Faculties of law = Raymond of Pennafort
Fahan, Ireland = Mura McFeredach
fainting, faintness = Urban of Langres, Ursus of Ravenna, Valentine
faith in the Blessed Sacrament = Anthony of Padua
Falling = Venantius
Falsely accused = Raymond Nonnatus
families = Francis of Assisi, Joseph, Maximillian Kolbe
family happiness or harmony = Dymphna, Ksenya Blazhennaya
family life = Infant Jesus of Prague
Famine, protection against = Walburga
Farm labourers (Spain, Canada, Mexico) = Isidore the Farmer
Farm workers = Benedict, Abbot
Farmers = Isidore the Farmer
Farmers, Italian = Benedict, Abbot
farriers, horseshoe makers = Eligius (Eloi), John the Baptist
Fathers = Joseph
fear of insects = Gratus of Aosta
fear of mice or rats = Gertrude of Nivelles
fear of night = Giles
fear of snakes = Patrick
fear of the Lord = Holy Spirit
fear of wasps = Friard
fencing = Michael the Archangel
Ferrara, Italy = George
ferrymen = Julian the Hospitaller
Fervent First Communion = Bl Imelda
Fever = Genevieve (Genofeva)
fiddlers, fiddle players = Julian the Hospitaller
file makers = Theodosius the Cenobriarch
final perseverance = Alphonsus de Liguori
financial officers = Matthew the Apostle
Finland = Henry of Finland
Fire (danger from) = Agatha, Nicholas of Tolentino
Fire fighters = Florian, John of God
Fire prevention = Catherine of Siena, Agatha
Firemen (Italian) = Barbara
fireworks and fireworks manufacturers = Barbara
First Communicants = Tarcisius
fish = Neot
fish dealers, fishmongers = Andrew, Apostle, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Magnus, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
Fishermen = Andrew, Apostle, Peter
fistula = Fiacre
Fleury-sur-Loire = Drogo
Fliers = Our Lady of Loreto
Flight attendants = Bona
Flight crew = Our Lady of Loreto
Flood = Gregory the Wonderworker, Florian
Florence, Italy = John the Baptist, Zenobius
Florentine cheese merchants = Bartholomew the Apostle
Florentine salt merchants = Bartholomew the Apostle
Florida = Our Lady of La Leche
Florists, flower growers = Therese of Lisieux, Rose of Lima, Bl. Rose of Viterbo
flour merchants = Honorius of Amiens
Flying = Joseph of Cupertino, Elijah
Flying, all involved in = Our Lady of Loreto
foot problems; feet problems = Peter the Apostle, Servatus
for good weather = Agricola of Avignon, Clare of Assisi, Medard of Noyon
for rain = Agricola of Avignon, Eulalia, Heribert of Cologne, Isidore the Farmer, Julian of Cuenca, Odo, Theodore of Sykeon
foreign missions = Francis Xavier, Infant Jesus of Prague, Peter Claver, Therese of Lisieux
Foresters = John Gualbert
forgotten people = Jeanne de Chantal
Forli, Italy = James Salomone
fortifications = Barbara
fortitude = Holy Spirit
Fosses, Belgium = Foillan
founders = Barbara
Foundlings = Holy Innocents
Fragalata, Sicily = Calogerus, Demetrius, Gregory
France = Joan of Arc, Laurent (Lawrence), Mary, on feast of her Assumption, Bishop of Paris, Therese of Lisieux
Franciscan laity = Didacus
Franciscan Lay = Didacus
Franciscan tertiaries = Louis
freedom = Infant Jesus of Prague
French Commissariat = Ambrose of Milan
French monarchs = Louis IX
Frenzy, protection against = Denis, Peter the Apostle, Ulric
friendships = John the Apostle
Frost, protection against = Urban of Langres
fruit dealers = Christopher
fugitives = Bridgid of Ireland
fullers = Anastasius the Fuller, Christopher, James the Lesser, Apostle
Funeral directors = Joseph of Arimathea
furriers = Hubert of Liege, James the Greater

G Patronage = Saints

gall stones = Benedict, Drogo, Florentius of Strasburg, Liberius
gambling addicts; compulsive gambling; uncontrolled gambling = Bernardine of Siena
Gap = Arnulph
Garage, or gas station, workers = Eligius (Eloi)
Gardeners = Adelard, Fiacre, Rose of Lima, Adam
Garment workers = Homobonus
Gas station workers = Eligius (Eloi)
Geese = Martin of Tours
geese; goose = Gall, Martin of Tours
Genoa, Italy = George, John the Baptist, Syrus of Genoa, Barbara
geometricians = Thomas, Apostle
Georgia, former USSR = George, Nino
Georgia, USA = Immaculate Heart of Mary
Germany = Anskar, Michael the Archangel
Ghent, Belgium = Amalburga, Bavo, Macarius of Antioch, Pharaildis
Gibraltar = Bernard of Clairvaux
gilders = Clare of Assisi, Eligius (Eloi)
Girl Scouts = Agnes of Rome
Girls = Agnes, Maria Goretti
glandular disorders = Cadoc of Llancarvan
Glasgow, Scotland = Kentigern
Glassworkers = Luke
Glaziers = Lucy
Glendalough, Ireland = Kevin
glove makers = Crispin and Crispinian, Gummarus, Mary Magdalene
Goa, India = Francis Xavier
goitres = Blaise
Golden-Tounges orator = Peter Chrysologus
Goldsmiths = Dunstan, Anastasius, Eligius (Eloi)
good finances = Infant Jesus of Prague
Gout; Gout Sufferers, protection against = Andrew, Apostle, Coloman, Gerebernus, Gregory the Great, Killian, Maurice, Maurus, Totnan
Governors = Ferdinand III of Castile
Gozo = George
grandfathers = Joachim
grandmothers = Anne
grandparents = Anne, Joachim
Gravediggers = Antony the Abbot, Joseph of Arimathea
Greece = Paul, Apostle
Greece = Andrew, Apostle, George, Nicholas of Myra
Greek Catholic Church in America = Nicholas of Tolentino
Greek Catholic Union = Nicholas of Myra
greeting card manufacturers = Valentine
Greetings = Valentine
Grocers = Michael the Archangel
Gronigen, Nederlands = Walburga
grooms, bridegrooms = Louis IX, Nicholas of Myra
guardian angels = Raphael the Archangel
guardians = Gummarus, Joseph of Palestine
guards = Matthew the Apostle
Guatemala = James the Greater
Gunners = Barbara

H Patronage = Saints

Haarlem, Nederlands = Bavo
haberdashers = Louis IX, Michael the Archangel
Haemorrhage = Lucy
Haemorrhoid sufferers = Fiacre
Hail = Magnus of Fussen
Hainault, Belgium = Waltude
Hairdressers = Martin de Porres, Cosmas and Damian
Haiti = Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Hanging; Hanged People, protection against = Colman of Stockerau
hangovers = Bibiana
happy meetings = Raphael the Archangel
harness makers = Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Eligius (Eloi)
harvesters = Peter the Apostle
harvests = Anthony of Padua, Florian, Jodocus, Medard of Noyon, Walburga
hatmakers, hatters, milliners = Barbara, Clement I, James the Lesser, Apostle, Michael the Archangel, Severus of Avranches
Hawaii, USA = Mary, Queen of Peace
haymakers = Gervase, Protase
head injuries = John Licci
Headaches = Teresa of Avila, Denis, Bishop of Paris
healers = Bridgid of Ireland
health = Infant Jesus of Prague
Health inspectors = Raphael the Archangel
Health service, public = Martin de Porres
Heart patients = John of God
heart patients = John of God
hermits, recluses = Anthony the Abbott, Giles
hernia = Alban of Mainz, Cosmas and Damian, Drogo, Gummarus
Hernia sufferers = Cathal
herpes = George
Hesitation, protection against = Joseph
High command, Spanish = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Highways, motorways = John the Baptist
Hirnant, Powys, Wales = Ellidius
Hoarseness = Bernardine of Siena
Hoarseness, protection against = Bernardine of Siena, Maurus
hogs, pigs, swine = Anthony the Abbott
Holland = Willibrord
Holland, the Nederlands, the Netherlands = Bavo, Plechelm, Willibrord
holy death = Andrew Avellino, Christopher, Joseph, Michael the Archangel, Ursula
Holy Name Society; Confraternity of the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus = John of Vercelli
homeless people, hoboes, tramps = Benedict Joseph Labre, Edwin, Elizabeth of Hungary, Lufthild, Margaret of Cortona
homemakers, housewives, housekeepers = Anne, Martha, Monica, Zita
Honduras = Our Lady of Suyapa, Our Lady of Suyapa
Hopeless (or desperate) cases = Jude, Rita of Cascia, Gregory the Wonderworker
horned animals = Guy of Anderlecht
horse men, riders, equestrians = Anne, George, James the Greater, Martin of Tours
Horse-riders = Martin of Tours
Horses = Eligius (Eloi), Martin of Tours, Hippolytus
Horticulturalists = Adam, Fiacre
hosiers = Fiacre
hospital administrators = Basil the Great, Frances Xavier Cabrini
hospital public relations = Paul, Apostle
hospital workers = Camillus de Lellis, John of God, Jude Thaddeus, Vincent Ferrer
hospitality, hospitallers = Julian the Hospitaller, Meinrad
Hospitals = Camillus de Lellis, John of God, Vincent de Paul
Hoteliers = Gentian
Hoteliers (Italian) = Martha
Hotelkeepers = Amand
house hunters or sellers = Joseph
House hunting = Joseph
Housewives = Anne (Mother of Mary), Martha
human race, people = Mary, Mother of God
Hungary = Stephen, Mary, Great Queen of Hungary
Hunters = Hubert, Eustachius
Hydrophobia, or rabies = Hubert, Ubald

I Patronage = Saints

Iceland = Anskar, Thorlac
Iceland = St. Thorlac Thorhallsson
Idaho = Our Lady of Limerick
Illinois = Our Lady of the Universe
Illness (mental) = Dymphna
Immigrants = Frances Xavier Cabrini
Impenitence, protection against = Barbara, Mark the Evangelist
Imperia Italy = Leonard of Port Maurice
Impossible Cases = Rita of Cascia
in-law problems = Adelaide, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Godelieve, Jeanne de Chantal, Jeanne Marie de Maille, Ludmila, Pulcheria
incest victims = Dymphna, Laurent (Lawrence)
India = Mary, Patron of India, Frances Xavier Cabrini, Rose of Lima, Thomas, Apostle
Indian missions in Ecuador = Our Lady of Agua Santa de Bańos
Indiana = Our Lady of Providence
Indiscretions, protection against = John Nepomucene
Infantry = Martin of Tours
Infantry, Spanish = Immaculate Conception of Mary
infantrymen = Maurice
Infertility = Rita of Cascia
Inflammatory Diseases, protection against = Benedict
Information Workers = Archangel Gabriel
Innkeepers = Gentian
innocence = Hallvard
Innocent people (falsely accused) = Raymond Nonnatus
inquisitors = Peter of Verona
Insanity = Dymphna
insect bites = Mark the Apostle, Narcissus
Insects, protection against = Dominic of Silos
inter-racial justice, race relations, racial harmony = Martin de Porres, Peter Claver
interior souls = Joseph
Invalids = Roch
invoked in time of war = Elizabeth of Portugal
ions, Chinese = Joseph
Iowa = Mary of Nazareth
Ireland = Patrick, Columba, Bridgid of Ireland
iron mongers, hardware, hardware stores = Sebastian
Isle of Man = Maughold
Istanbul (Constantinople) = John Chrysostom, George, Roch
Istanbul, Turkey; Constantinople = George, John de Britto, Roch
Italy = Bernardine of Siena, Catherine of Siena, Francis of Assisi, Our Lady of Loreto, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of the Snows

J Patronage = Saints

Jamaica = Mary, on feast of her Assumption
Japan = Francis Xavier, Our Lady of Japan, Peter Baptist
jaundice = Odilo
Jealousy, protection against = Elizabeth of Portugal
Jesuit Order; Jesuits = Ignatius of Loyola
Jesuit students = Aloysius Gonzaga
Jewelers = Eligius (Eloi)
job seekers, unemployed people = Cajetan
jockeys = Eligius (Eloi)
Joiners = Joseph, Thomas, Apostle
Jordan = John the Baptist
Journalists = Francis de Sales
Journeys, safe = Christopher
judges = Ivo of Kermartin, John of Capistrano, Nicholas of Myra
Judges/Jurists = John of Capistrano, Ivo of Kermartin
jugglers = Julian the Hospitaller
Jumping = Venantius
jurists; jurors = Catherine of Alexandria, Ivo of Kermartin, John of Capistrano
Justice, social = Martin de Porres
Juvenile delinquents = Dominic Savio

K Patronage = Saints

Kae (Tzia) Island, Greece = Panagia Kastriani
Kansas = Mary, Queen of Angels
Kavala, Greece = Paul, Apostle
Kentucky = Mary, Mother of God
kidnap victims = Arthelais, Dagobert II
Kidney Disease, protection against = Benedict, Drogo, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Valentine
kidney stones; gravel = Alban of Mainz
Kilbarry, Ireland = Berach
Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland = Mochelloc
Kinglassie, Fife, Scotland = Glastian
kings = Casimir of Poland, Dagobert II, Edwin, Henry II, Louis IX, Olaf II
knee diseases or trouble = Roch
knife grinders, knife sharpeners = Catherine of Alexandria
knights = George, James the Greater, Julian the Hospitaller, Michael the Archangel
Knights Hospitaller = John the Baptist
Knights of Malta, Maltese Knights = John the Baptist
knowledge = Holy Spirit
Korea = Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Joseph
Korean clergy = Andrew Kim Taegon

L Patronage = Saints

Laborers = Isidore the Farmer, James the Greater
Labour, Italian Knights of = Benedict, Abbot
Lacemakers = Luke
Lame, the = Giles
lamp makers = Our Lady of Loreto
Landulph, Cornwall = Cybi
Langres cathedral = Marcellus
Lanhydroc, Cornwall = Hydroc
last sacraments = Stanislaus Kostka
Latin America = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rose of Lima
Latin American bishops = Turibius
laundry workers, laundresses, washerwomen = Clare of Assisi, Lawrence
Law, schools or faculties of = Raymond of Pennafort
lawsuits = Agia
lawsuits lost unjustly = Nicholas of Myra
Lawyers = Thomas More, Yves, Raymond of Pennafort, Ivo of Kermartin
Lay Apostolate = Paul, Apostle
lay brothers = Gerard Majella
lay people, laity = Frances of Rome, Paul, Apostle
lead workers = Sebastian
Leaping = Venantius
Learning = Ambrose, Catherine of Alexandria
Leatherworkers = Crispin and Crispinian
Lecce, Italy = Bernadine Realino
lectors = Bede the Venerable, Pollio, Sabas
Lecturers = Justin Martyr
leg disease or trouble = Servatus
Lennox, Scotland = Kessog
Lens, France = Wulganus
Lepers = Giles
Lesotho = Immaculate Heart of Mary
liberal arts = Catherine of Bologna
Librarians, libraries = Jerome, Catherine of Alexandria
Liege, Belgium = Hubert of Liege
Lighthouse keepers = Venerius
Lightning, protection against = Magnus of Fussen, Vitus
Limerick, Ireland = Munchin
linguists = Gotteschalk
Linz, Austria = Florian
lions = Mark the Apostle
lithographers = John the Apostle
Lithuania = Casimir, Cunegund, Hyacinth
liturgy = Joseph Mary Tomasi
livestock = Isidore the Farmer
Living Rosary = Philomena
Llanbrothen, Wales = Brothen
Llandunwyd, Glamorgan = Donat
Llangibby, Monmouthshire, Wales = Cybi
Llangybi, Cardigan, Wales = Cybi
Llanover, Gwent, Wales = Gorfor
Llanrhyddlad, Anglesey, Wales = Rhuddlad
Loc-Har, Brittany, France = Hernan
locksmiths = Dunstan, Eligius (Eloi), Leonard of Noblac, Peter the Apostle
longevity, long life = Peter the Apostle
Lorraine = Nicholas of Myra
loss of milk by nursing mothers = Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
loss of parents, mother, father = Dymphna, Gemma Galgani, Germaine Cousin, Jeanne Marie de Maille, Laura Vicuna, Louise de Marillac, Margaret of Cortona, Margaret Mary Alacoque, Marguerite Bourgeous, Maria Goretti
Lost articles = Anthony of Padua
lost keys, against losing keys = Zita
Lost or desperate causes = Jude
lost vocations = Gotteschalk
Louisiana, USA = Our Lady of Prompt Succor
Lourdes = Bernadette of Lourdes
Lovers = Dwynwen, Valentine
Lugo, Spain = Foillan
lumbago = Lawrence
lungs; chest; respiratory problems = Bernardine of Siena
Luxembourg = Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted
Léon, Spain = Foillan

M Patronage = Saints

Macedonia = Clement of Ohrid
machinists = Hubert of Liege
Madagascar = Vincent de Paul
Madrid & Alcala = Justus and Pastor, Isidore the Farmer
Magistrates = Ferdinand III of Castile
Maids = Zita
mail = Anthony of Padua
Maine, USA = Our Lady fo Peace
Majorca city = Alonso Rodriguez
Majorca island = Alonso Rodriguez
Malta = Paul, Apostle
Mantua, Italy = Anselm of Lucca, the Younger
Marble workers = Clement I, Four crowned martyrs, Louis
Marching Auxiliaries = Vitus
Mariners = Nicholas of Tolentino
Marines (Italian) = Barbara
Maritime pilots = Nicholas of Myra
market carriers = Christopher
Maronites, Maronite Christians = Maro
Marriage = John Francis Regis
Marriages (unhappy) = Gengulf
married couples = Joseph
Married women = Monica
martyrs, murdered as confessors of the faith or for moral integrity = Afra, Agatha, Agostina Pietrantoni, Alodia, Barbara, Cecilia, Dymphna, Felicity, Flora of Cordoba, Joan of Arc
Maryland, USA = Our Lady of the Assumption
Masons = Thomas, Apostle, Four crowned martyrs, Louis
Massachusetts, USA = Our Lady of the Incarnation
mathematicians = Barbara, Hubert of Liege
mechanics = Catherine of Alexandria
Medal collectors = Eligius (Eloi)
Medical profession = Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Pantaleon
medical record librarians = Raymond of Pennafort
medical social workers = John Regis
Medical technicians = Albert the Great
mental health professionals, caregivers, psychiatrists, therapists = Dymphna
Mentally ill = Dymphna
Merchants = Francis of Assisi, Nicholas of Myra, Homobonus
Merchants, Italian = Francis of Assisi
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales = Tydfil
Messengers = Gabriel the Archangel
metal collectors, precious metal collectors = Eligius (Eloi)
Metalworkers = Eligius (Eloi)
Metz, France = Patiens of Metz
Mexican young people = John Bosco
Mexico = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Joseph
Mexico City, Mexico = Philip of Jesus
Michigan, USA = Our Lady, Gate of Heaven
Midwives = Raymond Nonnatus
migraine; against migraines; migraine sufferers = Gereon, Severus of Avranches, Ubald Baldassini
Migrants = Frances Xavier Cabrini
Milan = Ambrose of Milan
military engineers = Barbara
Millers = Honoratus
Milliners (Hatmakers) = James the Greater
Mine Collapse, protection against = Barbara
Miners = Anne (Mother of Mary), Barbara
Minnesota, USA = Our Lady, Mother of the Church
Miscarriage prevention = Catherine of Sweden
Miscarriages, protection against = Catherine of Siena, Catherine of Sweden, Eulalia
misfortune = Agricola of Avignon
missionaries = Francis Xavier, Therese of Lisieux
missionary bishops = Paul, Apostle
Missionary priests = Vincent Pallotti
Missioners in Catholic Lands = Leonard of Port Maurice
Missioners of the Precious Blood = Francis Xavier
Missions = Francis Xavier, Peter Claver, Therese of Lisieux, Leonard of Port Maurice
Missions, Polish = Maria Teresa Ledochowska (Bd)
Missions, Portuguese = John de Britto
Mississippi, USA = Our Lady of Sorrows
Missouri, USA = Our Lady of Calvary
Mixed race, people of = Martin de Porres
Moles, protection against = Ulric
Monaco = Devota
Monarchy, French = Louis
money managers = Matthew the Apostle
Mongolia, Inner = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Mongolia, Outer = Francis Xavier
monks = Anthony the Abbott, Benedict
Mons, Belgium = Waltrude
Montana, USA = Our Lady of the Pines
Monte Marano = John of Monte Marano
Montefalco, Italy = Clare of Montefalco
Montesanto, Italy = Gerard of Lunel
Moral theologians = Alphonsus de Liguori
Moravia = Wenceslaus, Cyril and Methodius
Moscow = Boris
motherhood = Gerard Majella
Mothers = Monica, Gerard Majella, Nicholas of Tolentino
Motorcyclists = Mary, The Madonna of Castaliazzo or Our Lady of Grace and of Crete
Motorists = Frances of Rome, Christopher
Motorways = John the Baptist
mountain travellers = Petronilla
Mountaineers, mountain climbers = Bernard of Montjoux (or Menthon)
mulattoes, bi-racial or multi-racial people = Martin de Porres
Mullion, Cornwall = Melaine of Rennes
Munich, Germany = Benno
murderers = Caedwalla, Julian the Hospitaller, Nicholas of Myra, Vladimir
Music, musicians = Cecilia, Gregory the Great, Dunstan
musical instrument makers = Cecilia
mute people, muteness, dumbness = Drogo
mystics, mystical theology = John of the Cross

N Patronage = Saints

nail makers = Cloud
Naples, Italy = Andrew Avellino, Januarius
National Guard, Venezuelan = Our Lady of Chiquinquira
native rights = Turibius of Mogroveio
native traditions = Alonso Rodriguez
natural disasters = Agatha
natural sciences = Albertus Magnus
Naval officers = Francis of Paola
navigators = Erasmus (Elmo), Expeditus, Francis Xavier, Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Francis of Paola
Navy, Argentinian = Mary, The Madonna of Castaliazzo or Our Lady of Grace and of Crete
Navy, Bolivian = Our Lady of Copacabana
Navy, Philippine = Our Lady of the Rosary, ‘La Naval’
Navy, Spanish = Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Navy, Venezuelan = Our Lady of Valle
Nearsightedness, short-sightedness = Clarus, Abbot
Nebraska, USA = Our Lady of the Presentation
needle makers = Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
Neighborhood watch = Sebastian
Nervous diseases = Vitus, Dymphna
net makers = Peter the Apostle
Netherlands = Willibrord
Nettle Rash, protection against = Benedict
neuralgia = Ubald Baldassini
Neurological disorders = Dymphna
Nevada, USA = Our Lady of Las Vegas
New Caledonia = Mary, on feast of her Assumption
New Hampshire, USA = Our Lady of Perpetual Help
New Jersey, USA = Our Lady of Fatima
New Mexico, USA = Our Lady of Guadalupe
New York, USA = Our Lady Help of Christians
New Zealand = Our Lady Help of Christians
newlyweds = Nicholas of Myra
news dealers = Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin
Nicaragua = James the Greater
Nigeria = Mary, Queen of Nigeria, Patrick
Nightmares, protection against = Raphael the Archangel
Nocera, Italy = Raynald of Nocera
Nonantola, Italy = Anselm of Nonantola
North Africa = Cyprian of Carthage
North Carolina, USA = Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
North Dakota, USA = Mary, Queen of Peace
Norway = Olaf of Norway, Magnus of Orkney
Norwegian west coast = Sunniva
Notaries = Luke, Mark, Ivo of Kermartin
novices of the Oblates of Saint Joseph = John Berchmans
Numismatists = Eligius (Eloi)
nuns = Blessed Virgin Mary, Bridgid of Ireland, Gertrude the Great, Scholastica
Nuremburg, Germany = Sebaldus
Nurses = Agatha, Camillus de Lellis, John of God
Nurses of mentally ill = Dymphna
Nurses’ associations = Camillus de Lellis
Nurses, Italian = Catherine of Genoa, Catherine of Siena
Nurses, Peruvian = Rose of Lima
Nursing mothers = Basilissa, Giles
nursing services = Catherine of Siena, Elizabeth of Hungary

O Patronage = Saints

oaths = Pancras
Oaxaca, Mexico = Our Lady of Solitude
Oblate aspirants = Stanislaus Kostka
Oblate Vocations = Our Lady of Sorrows
Oblates of Saint Joseph = Joseph
obsession = Raphael the Archangel
obstetricians = Raymond Nonnatus
Oceania = Peter Chanel
Ohio, USA = Our Lady of Consolation
oil refiners = Honorius of Amiens
Oklahoma, USA = Our Lady, Queen of All Saints
old-clothes dealers = Anne
open sores = Peregrine Laziosi
opposition of Church authorities = Elizabeth Ann Seton, Joan of Arc, Teresa of Avila
oppressed people = Anthony of Padua
Orators = John Chrysostom
Order of Saint Lazarus = Lazarus
Order of the Garter = George
Ordnancemen and Cannoners = Barbara
Oregon, USA = Our Lady of the Woods
Orphans = Jerome Emiliani, Ivo of Kermartin
Oslo, Norway = Hallvard
Oudenarde, Belgium = Walburga
Oversleeping, protection against = Vitus
Oxford, England = Frideswide

P Patronage = Saints

Pain; Cures from Pain; Pain Relief, protection against = Madron
Painters = Luke, Bl (Fra) Angelico
Pakistan = Thomas, Apostle
Palermo, Italy = Agatha, Benedict the Black
Palestine = Mary, ‘Queen of Palestine’
Palestinian Christians = George
Pallbearers = Joseph of Arimathea
Panama = Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Heart of Mary
papal delegates = John XXIII
papermakers = John the Apostle
Papua New Guinea = Michael the Archangel
Paraguay = Our Lady of the Assumption, Our Lady of Lujan
paralysis, paralysed people = Osmund
Paratroopers = Michael the Archangel
Parenthood = Rita of Cascia
parents of large families = Adalbald of Ostrevant, Adelaide, Clotilde, Dagobert II, Dorothy of Montau, Edwin, Ferdinand III of Castile, Ivetta of Huy, Leonidas, Leopold
parents separated from children = Jeanne de Chantal
Paris, France = Genevieve (Genofeva), Denis, Bishop of Paris
parish clerks = Nicholas of Myra
Parish Missions = Leonard of Port Maurice
Park-keepers = John Gualbert
parks; park services = John Gualbert
pastry chefs = Honorius of Amiens, Macarius the Younger
Patras, Greece = Andrew, Apostle
Patricia, Italy = Roch
pavement workers = Vincent Ferrer
Pavia, Italy = Siro, Syrus of Pavia, Theodore of Pavia
Pawnbrokers = Nicholas of Myra, Bernardino of Feltre (Bd)
peace; invoked as peacemaker = Barnabas, Elizabeth of Portugal, Francis of Paola, Infant Jesus of Prague
peasant girls, young country girls, girls who live in rural areas = Germaine Cousin
peasants = Lucy of Syracuse, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Notburga
Pelota players, Argentinian = Francis Xavier
pencil makers = Thomas Aquinas
penitent sinners = Mary Magdalene
penitent women = Afra, Margaret of Cortona, Mary Magdalene
Pennsylvania, USA = Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Pensioners, old age = Our Lady of Consolation, Teresa of Jesus Jornet e Ibars
Penzance, Cornwall, England = John the Baptist
people in needd of grace = Teresa of Avila
people rejected by religious orders = Benedict Joseph Labre, Clare, Henry II, Jeanne de Lestonnac
people ridiculed for their piety = Agostina Pietrantoni, Alodia, Angela of Foligno, Bernadette of Lourdes, Catherine of Genoa, Catherine of Siena, Elizabeth of Hungary
Perfumers, perfumiers = Nicholas of Myra
Pergamino, Argentina = Virgin of La Merced
Perjury, protection against = Felix of Nola, Pancras
Peronne, France = Fursey of Peronne
Persecuted Christians = John De Martha
Persia; Iran = Maruthas
Peru = Joseph, Rose of Lima
Pestilence (relief) = Roch
Petit Goave, Haiti = Our Lady of Lourdes
Pets = Antony the Abbot
pewterers = Fiacre
Pharmacists/Druggists = Cosmas and Damian, Raphael the Archangel
Philatelists = Gabriel the Archangel
Philippines = Our Lady of Safe Travel, Our Lady of the Turumba, Rose of Lima, Immaculate Heart of Mary
Philosophers = Immaculate Conception of Mary, Pudentiana, Rose of Lima
photographers = Veronica
Physical Spouse Abuse; Victims of Spouse Abuse (physical), protection against = Rita of Cascia
Physically Disabled = Giles
Physicians = Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Pantaleon
Physicians (diseases, contagious) = Roch, Sebastian
Piedmont = Maurice
Piedmont region = Maurice
piety = Holy Spirit
Pilgrims = Nicholas of Myra, Christopher
Pilgrims (sick) = Pius X
Pilots = Our Lady of Loreto
Pilots, maritime = Francis of Paola, Nicholas of Myra
pin makers = Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
pioneers = Joseph
Pisa, Italy = Ranieri
Plague = Gregory the Great, Roch, Sebastian
Plasterers = Bartholomew
playing card manufacturers = Balthasar
plumbers = Vincent Ferrer
Poets = David, Columba
Poison Sufferers = Benedict, Abbot, John the Apostle, Pirminus
Poison, protection against = Benedict, John the Apostle, Pirmin
poisonous snakes = Paul, Apostle
Poland = Casimir, Florian, Mary, ‘Queen of Poland’, Stanislaus, Adalbert, Stanislaus Kostka
Police officers = Michael the Archangel
Police, Italian = Mary, Faithful Virgin
Police, local, municipal = Sebastian
Police, Spanish = Our Lady of the Pillar
Police, Spanish, armed = The Guardian Angels
polio = Margaret Mary Alacoque
political prisoners = Maximillian Kolbe
politicians = Thomas More
Ponza, Italy = Silverio
Poor = Anthony of Padua, Lawrence, Ferdinand III of Castile
poor people, paupers = Anthony of Padua, Ferdinand III of Castile, Giles, Lawrence, Martin de Porres, Nicholas of Myra
Popes = Gertrude the Great, Peter the Apostle
pork butchers and processors = Transfiguration of Our Lord
porters = Christopher, Leonard of Noblac, Theobald Roggeri
Portsmouth, England = Nicholas of Myra
Portugal = Anthony of Padua, Francis Borgia, Gabriel the Archangel, George, Immaculate Conception of Mary
Possession (by the Devil) = Cyriacus, Dymphna, Michael the Archangel, Andrew Avellino
Postal services = Gabriel the Archangel
Postal workers = Gabriel the Archangel
Potenza, Italy = Gerard of Potenza
Potholers (spelunkers) = Benedict, Abbot
potters = Catherine of Alexandria, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Sebastian
poultry raisers, chicken farmers = Bridgid of Ireland
Poverty or Impoverishment, protection against = Agostina Pietrantoni, Anne, Armogastes, Bernadette of Lourdes, Cuthman, Germaine Cousin, Julia of Billiart, Macrina the Elder, Marguerite Bourgeous, Margaret of Castello
Poznan Poland = Paul, Apostle, Peter the Apostle
Preachers = Catherine of Alexandria, John Chrysostom
precision instrument makers = Hubert of Liege
Pregnant women = Gerard Majella, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Raymond Nonnatus
Priests = John Vianney
Priests (Spanish, secular) = John of Avila
princes = Boris, Casimir of Poland, Gotteschalk
princesses = Adelaide, Dymphna
Printers = Augustine, Genesius, John of God
printing presses = Bridgid of Ireland
Prison guards, officers = Hippolytus, Processus and Martinian, Adrian of Nicomedia
Prison officers (Italian) = Basilides
Prisoners = Dismas, Leonard of Noblac, Roch, Vincent de Paul, Ferdinand III of Castile
Prisoners (Italian) = Joseph Cafasso
prisoners of war, pow’s = Leonard of Noblac
prisoners, imprisonment, captives, imprisoned people = Adelaide, Barbara, Dismas, Ferdinand III of Castile, Joan of Arc, Joseph Cafasso, Leonard of Noblac, Mark the Evangelist, Nicholas of Myra, Vincent de Paul
prisons = Joseph Cafasso
pro-life movement = Gerard Majella, Maximillian Kolbe
Probus, Cornwall, England = Grace, Probus
prolonged suffering = Lydwina of Schiedam
Propagation of the Faith = Francis Xavier
protection against rats = Gertrude of Nivelles, Martin de Porres, Servatus
protection of lambs = John the Baptist
Protector of Crops = Ansovinus
province of Burgenland = Martin of Tours
province of Carinthia = Joseph
province of Lower Austria = Leopold III
province of Salzburg, Austria = Rupert
province of Styria, Austria = Joseph
province of Tyrol, Austria = Joseph
province of Upper Austria = Leopold III
province of Vorarlberg, Austria = Gebhard
Prussia = Dorothy of Montau
Public education = Martin de Porres
Public Health Service = Martin de Porres
Public Relations = Bernardine of Siena
Puebla, Mexico = Michael the Archangel
Pueri Cantores = Dominic Savio
Pueri Cantors = Dominic Savio
Puerto Rico = Our Lady of Divine Providence
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico = Our Lady of Guadalupe
purse makers = Brieuc

Q Patronage = Saints

Quantity surveyors = Thomas, Apostle
quartermasters = Martin of Tours
Quebec = John Baptiste
queens = Clotilde, Elizabeth of Portugal, Matilda
Queens College Cambridge = Bernard of Clairvaux, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch

R Patronage = Saints

Rab, Croatia = Christopher
Rabies = Hubert, Ubald
rabies, hydrophobia, mad dogs = Dominic of Silos, Guy of Anderlecht, Hubert of Liege
racquet makers = Sebastian
Radio and radio workers = Gabriel the Archangel
Radiologists, radiotherapists = Michael the Archangel
Rain, excessive = Genevieve (Genofeva)
rams = Giles
rape victims = Agatha, Agnes of Rome, Dymphna
Raphoe, Ireland = Adamnan
reformed alcoholics = Martin of Tours, Matthias
reformed prostitutes = Margaret of Cortona, Mary Magdalene
reformed thieves = Dismas
reformers = Basil the Great
refugees = Alban
religious, people in religious orders = Benedict, Teresa of Avila
restauranteurs = Lawrence, Nicholas
restoration of religious freedom in Russia = Therese of Lisieux
Retreats = Ignatius of Loyola
Rheumatoid sufferers = James the Greater
rheumatoid sufferers; rheumatism, arthritis = Coloman, James the Greater, Killian, Servatus, Totnan
Rhode Island, USA = Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
ribbon makers = Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin
Right to Life groups = Margaret of Castello
Rimini, Italy = Gaudentius of Rimini
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil = Sebastian
Ripacandida = Donatus
road builders = Sebastian of Aparicio
Robbers, danger from = Leonard of Noblac
Roman housewives = Frances of Rome
Romania = Nicetas
Rome = Philip Neri
rope makers; rope braiders = Paul, Apostle
Rulers = Ferdinand III of Castile
runaways = Alodia, Dymphna, Eulalia
running water = John Nepomucene
Ruptures, protection against = Drogo, Florentius of Strasburg, Osmund
rural communities = Isidore the Farmer
Russia = Joseph, Andrew, Apostle, Basil the Great, Nicholas of Myra, Casimir
Ruthenia = Bruno

S Patronage = Saints

sacristans; sextons = Guy of Anderlecht
saddlers, saddlemakers = Crispin and Crispinian, Eligius (Eloi), George, Lucy of Syracuse, Paul, Apostle
Saguntum, Spain = Sacerdos of Saguntum
Sailors = Brendan, Erasmus (Elmo), Francis of Paola, Nicholas of Myra
Saint Ives, Cornwall = Ia
Saint Ives, England = Ivo
Saint Mellyan, Cornwall = Melaine of Rennes
Saint Teath, Cornwall = Teath
Saint Vitus’s dance nervous disorder; rheumatic chorea = Vitus
Salamanca, Spain = John of Sahagun
salesmen = Lucy of Syracuse
salmon = Kentigern
saltpetre workers = Barbara
San Gemini, Italy = Geminus
San Marino = Marinus
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico = Michael the Archangel
Santa Ana Indian Pueblo = Anne
Santa Clara Indian Pueblo = Clare of Assisi
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA = Francis of Assisi
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic = Our Lady of Ransom
Sardinia = Maurice
Sassano, Italy = John the Baptist
Savings banks = Anthony Claret
Savona, Italy = Our Lady of Mercy
Savoy = Maurice
sawmen, sawyers = Balthasar
Saxony = Willihad
Scandinavia = Ansgar
sceond marriages = Adelaide, Matilda
Scholars = Bridgid of Ireland, Thomas Aquinas
Scholars, scripture = Jerome
school principals, schoolmasters = John Baptist de la Salle
School teachers = John Baptist de la Salle
Schools = Thomas Aquinas
schools for the poor = Joseph Calasanz
Schools of law = Raymond of Pennafort
Schools, all Christian = Joseph Calasanctius
Schools, Catholic = Thomas Aquinas
Scientists = Albert the Great
Scotland = Margaret, Andrew, Apostle
scribes = Catherine of Alexandria
Scripture scholars = Jerome Emiliani
scrofulous diseases, struma = Mark the Evangelist
Sculptors = Claude, Luke, Four crowned martyrs, Louis
Scurf, protection against = Genesius of Arles
Sea, those associated with the = Francis of Paola
seamstresses = Anne
seasickness = Erasmus (Elmo)
secretaries = Catherine of Alexandria, Genesius of Arles
Security forces = Michael the Archangel
Security forces, Andorran = Our Lady Help of Christians
Security forces, French = Genevieve (Genofeva)
Security forces, Peruvian = Rose of Lima
Security guards = Matthew
seekers of lost articles = Anthony of Padua
Segovia, Spain = Venantius
Seminarians = Charles Borromeo
Senior citizens = Our Lady of Consolation, Teresa of Jesus Jornet e Ibars
separated spouses = Gummarus, Nicholas of Myra
Serbia = Sava
Serbian peoples = Sebastian
Sergio Osmena, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines = Philip Benizi
Servants = Martha, Notbunga
Servants (women) = Zita
servants who broke their masters’ property = Benedict
Seville, Spain = Ferdinand III of Castile
sexual temptation = Angela of Foligno, Catherine of Siena, Margaret of Cortona, Mary of Edessa, Mary of Egypt, Mary Magdalene, Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Pelagia of Antioch
sheds; stables; outbuildings = Guy of Anderlecht
sheep = Drogo
shepherdesses = Bernadette of Lourdes, Germaine Cousin, Solange
Shepherds = Our Lady of Lapurdo, Paschal Baylon
shermen of Folkestone England = Rumwold
ship builders; shipwrights = Peter the Apostle
Shipwrecks, protection against = Anthony of Padua, Jodocus
Shoemakers = Cyprian of Carthage, Homobonus
Shorthand writers = Cassian of Imola
Sibenik, Croatia = Michael the Archangel
Sicily = Andrew, Apostle, Vitus
Sick = John of God, Camillus de Lellis, Michael the Archangel
sick animals = Beuno, Dwynwen, Nicholas of Tolentino
sick horses = Eligius (Eloi)
Sick, of Poland = Mary, The Health of the Sick
Siena Italy = Ambrose Sansedoni of Siena, Catherine of Siena
Signals, military = Gabriel the Archangel
silence = John Nepomucene
Silesia = Hedwig
silk workers = Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Severus of Avranches
Silversmiths = Andronicus, Eligius (Eloi)
singers; vocalists = Andrew, Apostle, Cecilia
single laywomen = Agatha, Aloysius Gonzaga, Bibiana, Flora of Cordoba, Margaret of Cortona, Nunilo
Sisak, Croatia = Quirinus
Sisters of Mercy = Elizabeth of Hungary
Sithney, Cornwall, England = Sithney
Skaters = Lidwina
Skiathos Island, Greece = Panagia Kastriani
Skiers = Bernard of Montjoux, Andronicus (with Athanasia), Our Lady of Graces
Skin diseases = Antony the Abbot
Skopelos Island, Greece = Riginos
Slander = John Nepomucene
slavery = Peter Claver
Sleepwalkers = Dymphna
Slovakia = Our Lady of the Assumption
Slovenes = Virgilius
smallpox = Matthias
smelters = Barbara, Hubert of Liege
Snake bite victims = Hilary, Pirminus, Vitus
snake bites = Hilary of Poitiers, Patrick, Paul, Apostle, Vitus
Snakes, protection against = Dominic of Sora, Hilary of Poitiers, Magnus of Fussen, Patrick, Paul, Apostle, Pirmin
soap boilers = Florian
Social justice = Joseph, Martin de Porres
Social workers = Louise de Marillac, John Francis Regis
Soldiers = George, Martin of Tours, Maurice, Sebastian
Soldiers, American = Joan of Arc
Soldiers, French = Joan of Arc, Louis
Soldiers, Paraguayan = Mary, on feast of her Assumption
Solomon Islands = Michael the Archangel
Sonsbeck (Santbeck), Germany = Gerebernus
Sorrento, Italy = Antoninus of Sorrento
souls in purgatory = Nicholas of Tolentino, Odilo
South Africa, Southern Africa = Our Lady of the Assumption
South America = Rose of Lima, Our Lady of Guadalupe
South Carolina, USA = Mary the Virgin Mother
South Dakota, USA = Our Lady of the Prairie
Spain = James the Greater, John of Avila, Our Lady of Ransom, Immaculate Conception of Mary
Spanish conquistadors = James the Greater
Spanish poets = John of the Cross
Spanish secular clergy = John of Avila
Spas = John the Baptist
spasms = John the Baptist
Speakers (Orators) = John Chrysostom
Speleologists, Italian = Benedict, Abbot
speliologists, spelunkers, potholers, cavers, cave scientists = Benedict
Spelunkers, potholers = Benedict, Abbot
Spinners = Parasceva
Spiritual directors of clergy = Joseph Cafasso
spiritual directors or leaders = Charles Borromeo
Spiritual exercises = Ignatius of Loyola
spiritual help = Vincent de Paul
Sportsmen and women, Belgian = Our Lady of Chevremont
spur makers = Giles
Sri Lanka = Mary, Immaculate, Our Lady of Lanka
Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) = Lawrence, Our Lady of Madhu, Thomas, Apostle
St Vincent de Paul Societies = Vincent de Paul
St. Antony’s Fire = Antony the Abbot
stablemen = Anne
Stafford, England = Bettelin
stained glass workers; glass painters = Lawrence, Lucy of Syracuse
stammering children = Notkar Balbulus
Stamp collectors = Gabriel the Archangel
starch makers = Charles Borromeo
Starving or Starvation; Starving People, protection against = Anthony of Padua
Stavenger, England = Swithun
Stenographers = Cassian of Imola
step-parents = Adelaide, Thomas More
Stiff Neck, protection against = Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne
stock brokers = Matthew the Apostle
Stomach disorders = Timothy, Erasmus (Elmo)
Stone masons = Four crowned martyrs, Louis, Stephen
storks = Agricola of Avignon
storms at sea = Mochelloc
Storms, protection against = Vitus
Strasbourg, France = Arbogast
Strokes = Andrew Avellino
Students = Catherine of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas, Gabriel Possenti
Students (examinees) = Joseph of Cupertino
Students in Jesuit colleges = Aloysius Gonzaga
students of theology = Albertus Magnus
Students, of Peru = Our Lady of Guadalupe
Students, women = Catherine of Alexandria
success = Servatus
Sudan = Josephine Bakhita
Sudden Death, protection against = Aldegundis, Andrew Avellino, Barbara, Christopher
Surgeons = Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Roch
Surveyors = Thomas, Apostle
Swabia, Germany = Meinrad
swans = Hugh of Lincoln
Sweden = Bridget, Eric of Sweden
Swimmers = Adjutor
swineherds = Anthony of Padua, Antony the Abbot
Switzerland = Notbunga
Swordsmiths = Maurice
syphilis = Fiacre, George
Syracuse, Sicily = Lucy of Syracuse
Syria = Barbara

T Patronage = Saints

Tailors = Homobonus
tanners = Bartholomew the Apostle, Catherine of Alexandria, Crispin and Crispinian
Tanzania = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Taos, New Mexico = Anne, John the Apostle
tapestry workers = Francis of Assisi
Taranto = Catald
Tax collectors = Matthew
Taxi Drivers = Fiacre
Teachers = Gregory the Great, John Baptist de la Salle
Teenagers (esp. girls) = Mark, Maria Goretti
teenagers, teenage children = Aloysius Gonzaga
Telecommunications = Gabriel the Archangel
telegraphs = Clare of Assisi, Gabriel the Archangel
telephones = Clare of Assisi, Gabriel the Archangel
Television = Clare, Gabriel the Archangel
Television (Peru) = Martin de Porres
television workers = Gabriel the Archangel
television writers = Clare of Assisi
Temptations, protection against = Angela of Foligno, Benedict, Catherine of Bologna, Catherine of Genoa, Catherine of Siena, Elizabeth of Schonau, Eustochium of Padua, Gemma Galgani, Helen del Cavalcanti, Margaret of Cortona
Tennessee, USA = Our Lady of Lourdes
tent makers = Paul, Apostle
Termonde, Belgium = Christiana
tertiaries = Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth of Portugal, Ferdinand III of Castile
Teutonic Order; Order of Teutonic Knights = George, Mary
Texas, USA = Our Lady of the Annunciation
the Internet = Isidore of Seville
the O’Neill clan = Mura McFeredach
the recently dead = Gertrude of Nivelles
Theatrical profession = Genesius
Theft, thieves = Dismas
Theologians = Alphonsus de Liguori, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, John the Apostle
Theologians, Moral = Alphonsus de Liguori
thieves = Nicholas of Myra
Thieves, danger from = Leonard of Noblac
Throat ailments = Blaise, Ludmila
Tigua Indians = Anthony of Padua
tile makers = Fiacre, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Roch
tilers = Barbara
tin miners = Joseph of Arimathea, Piran
tin smiths; tinsmiths = Joseph of Arimathea
to have male children = Felicity
to obtain lodgings while travelling = Gertrude of Nivelles, Julian the Hospitaller
Toledo, Spain = Leocadia
tool makers = Eligius (Eloi)
Toothache = Apollonia
Torino, Italy = John the Baptist
torture victims = Agatha, Alban, Bibiana, Charles Lwanga, Eulalia
Tourism, Spanish = Francis Xavier
toy makers = Claude de la Columbiere
Trade unionists, Spanish = Martin de Porres
Tradespeople = Homobonus
translators = Jerome
transportation, transportation workers = Christopher
trappers = Bartholomew the Apostle, Eustachius, Hubert of Liege
travel hostesses = Anthony of Padua
Travelers = Raphael the Archangel, Nicholas of Myra, Anthony of Padua, Christopher, Joseph
travelling merchants = Menas
treaties = Pancras
treaties between the Popes and Frankish emperors = Petronilla
Tregony, Cornwall = Cybi
Trier, Germay = Maximus
Trieste, Italy = Justus of Trieste
truckers, truck drivers, lorry drivers = Christopher
truss makers = Foillan
tuberculosis, consumption = Pantaleon, Therese of Lisieux
Tultepac, Mexico = John of God
Tunisia = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Turin, Italy = John the Baptist
Turkey (Asiatic) = John the Apostle
Turkey, Capuchin missions to = Joseph of Leonessa
turners = Anne, Catherine of Alexandria, Claude de la Columbiere
Twitching, protection against = Bartholomew the Apostle, Cornelius
Typhus, Against Typhoid, protection against = Adelard

U Patronage = Saints

U.S. Army Field Artillery = St. Barbara
U.S. National Catholic Rural Conference = Isidore the Farmer
Uganda = Mary, Queen of Africa
Ukraine = Josaphat
Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of Stamford, Connecticut, USA = Volodymyr the Great
Ulcers; Ulcer Sufferers, protection against = Charles Borromeo, Job
unattractive people = Drogo, Germaine Cousin
unborn children = Gerard Majella, Joseph
understanding = Holy Spirit
Undertakers = Dismas
United States Army Special Forces = Philip of Agirone
United States National Rural Life Conference = Isidore the Farmer
United States of America = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Unity of the Eastern and Western Churches = Cyril and Methodius
Universal Church = Joseph, Peter the Apostle
Universities = Bl. Contardo Ferrini
Universities, Catholic = Thomas Aquinas
University of Oxford, England = Frideswide
University of Patras, Greece = Andrew, Apostle
University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering = Jordan of Saxony
Unmarried women = Nicholas of Myra
upholsterers = Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Upper Auvergne = Gerald of Aurillac
Urban University, Rome = Oliver Plunket
Uruguay = Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lujan, Philip and James, Apostles
Utah, USA = Our Lady of the Snows


V Patronage = Saints

Valencia = Our Lady of the Forsaken
Valldemossa, Mallorca, Spain = Catherine Thomas
Vanity, protection against = Rose of Lima
Vastergotland, Sweden = Helen of Skofde
Velletri, Italy = Gerald
Veneral disease = Fiacre
Venezuela = Our Lady of Coromoto
Venezuelan National Guard = Our Lady of Chiquinquira
Venice = Mark
Verbal Spouse Abuse; Victims of Spouse Abuse (verbal), protection against = Anne Marie Taigi, Godelieve, Monica
Vermin, protection from = Magnus of Fussen
Vermont, USA = Our Lady of Grace
Veroli, Italy = Mary Salome
Veterinarians = Our Lady of Coromoto
victims of adultery or unfaithfulness = Catherine of Genoa, Elizabeth of Portugal, Fabiola
victims of jealousy = Elizabeth of Portugal, Hedwig
Vienna, Austria = Clement Mary Hofbauer
Vietnam = Joseph
Villareal Samar, Phillipines = Rose of Lima
Vilna, Lithuania = Antony of Vilna, Eustace of Vilna, John of Vilna
Vincentian Service Corps = Vincent de Paul
vine dressers = Urban of Langres
Vinegar makers = Vincent of Saragossa
Vintners = Amand, Morand, Vincent of Saragossa
Virginia, USA = Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles
virgins = Agnes of Rome, Blessed Virgin Mary
virtue = Hallvard
Vocations = Alphonsus de Liguori
Volcanic eruptions = Agatha
Volperino, Italy = Maro


W Patronage = Saints

Waiters, waitresses = Martha
Wales = David
wandering musicians, minstrels = Julian the Hospitaller
War victims, civilian = Mary, Queen of Peace
warehouses = Barbara
Washington, DC = Our Immaculate Queen
Washington, USA = Our Lady of Good Help
watchmen = Peter of Alcantara
Water, danger from = Florian
Waterford, Ireland = Odrian
wax melters, wax refiners = Ambrose of Milan, Bernard of Clairvaux
Weavers = Parasceva, Antony Claret, Maurice, Onuphrius
West Indies = Gertrude
West Virginia, USA = Our Lady of Victory
wet-nurses = Agatha
whales = Brendan the Navigator
Wheelwrights = Catherine of Alexandria
whiteners = Bartholomew the Apostle
whitewashers = Coloman, Killian, Totnan
Whooping Cough, protection against = Blaise, Winoc
widowers = Thomas More
Widows = Frances of Rome, Paula
Winchester, England = Swithun
Wine merchants, and wine trade = Amand
Winegrowers = Vincent of Saragossa, Martin of Tours
Wisconsin, USA = Our Lady of the Americas
wisdom = Holy Spirit
Witchcraft, protection against = Benedict
wolves = Edmund of East Anglia
women = Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Services (WAVES) = Joan of Arc
Women giving birth = Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Women in labor = Anne (Mother of Mary), Erasmus (Elmo)
women who wish to become mothers = Andrew, Apostle
women whose husbands are at war = Daniel of Padua
women’s army corps, WACs = Genevieve (Genofeva), Joan of Arc
Women, childless = Anne (Mother of Mary)
Women, Italian = Paschal Baylon
Women, young and students = Catherine of Alexandria
woods, forests, woodlands = Giles
wool combers = Blaise
wool manufacturers = Severus of Avranches
wool weavers = Blaise, Severus of Avranches
work horses; working horses = Guy of Anderlecht
Workers = Joseph
Workers, young = John Bosco
World Youth Day = Kateri Tekakwitha
wounds = Aldegundis, Rita of Cascia
Writers = Francis de Sales
writers of catechisms = Peter Claver
Writers, Spanish Catholic = Teresa of Avila
Wyoming, USA = Our Lady of the Valley


Y Patronage = Saints

yachtsmen = Adjutor, Our Lady, Star of the Sea
Young girls = Agnes
Young people, African = Charles Lwanga
Young people, Christian = Aloysius Gonzaga
Young people, Lithuanian = Casimir
Young people, Mexican = John Bosco
Young people, students = John Berchmans, Maria Goretti
Youth = Aloysius Gonzaga, Maria Goretti, John Berchmans, Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Raphael the Archangel, John Bosco, Stanislaus Kostka
Yugoslavia = Cyril and Methodius


Z Patronage = Saints

Zacatecas, Mexico = The Virgin of Patrocinio
Zaire = Immaculate Conception of Mary
Zakynthos Island, Greece = Dionysius the Aeropagite
Zamarramala, Spain = Agatha
Zeeland, Denmark = Canute Lavard
zoos = Francis of Assisi
Zutphen, Nederlands = Walburga


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