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Baptismal Cross

Baptismal Cross

Baptismal Cross

It was John, the Baptist, who introduced the sacrament of baptism in the Christian faith when he baptized Jesus Christ the banks of the Jordan river. Water, the Holy Spirit Dove, and the baptismal cross were all present in the ritual at that time and are now considered the main symbols of this sacred event in a ba boy or ba girl’s life.

They represent the cleansing and purification of the soul, as well as the initiation of the human spirit into the faith in one true God. Jesus surrendered himself in compliance to the rite, and, it was at that moment, as He rose above the waters, when God himself publicly declared Jesus to be his own beloved Son. And, the Holy Dove, as it descended upon Jesus, affirmed Him then as the Chosen One.

It is this biblical event that the sacrament of baptism commemorates as a reminder of the love that God has for his creatures when they come to him with a clean soul, open to receiving His grace for the regeneration of their soul. Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Anglicans, and most other Protestants believe that Baptism is a holy Sacrament.

Baptism Cross

It is customary for a child to be gifted a christening cross or baptism crucifix on this special day. A Baptismal Cross is not merely jewelry or a decoration for a Christian, but rather a sign of belonging to Christ, Our King and God. The baptism cross or crucifix is destined to grow into an heirloom to commemorate the Sacrament.

For a godmother or godfather, the baptism cross is the symbol of their union with their godchild. As a gift, the baptism necklace will carry the importance of the Christian values passed from one generation to the next, at both an emotional and spiritual level.

For this special occasion, we are delighted to present our heirloom quality, bronze and sterling silver, antique and vintage Baptismal Cross and Crucifix styles, beautiful pendants for boys and girls. Of course, any one of them will be perfect for any gender. Find some suggestions below.

Baptismal Cross Buying Tips: For baptism crosses, avoid large pieces, and pointed ends. Prefer items that are close to one inch or 25mm and consider rounded corners.

These timeless pieces can be worn your godchild as he or she grows up. We have them all available in bronze and sterling silver.

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